SmartCPC: Don’t pay more when you don’t need to

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The size of the set bid depends on the GEO, the types of devices and the webmaster’s strategy.

Many arbitragers choose a strategy of strict targeting and high bids. Others choose to get a lot of traffic and conversions, therefore use wide targeting and minimal bids.

Both strategies work for push notifications, they are successfully used with top niches.

RichPush ad network launched a useful feature that can reduce the cost per click up to 40%.

How SmartCPC works

SmartCPC reduces by up to 40% while maintaining traffic volume. This smart feature is included in the settings of the ad campaign. All you have to do is to click the feature and it will be activated:

Additional settings are not necessary. After activating feature, SmartCPC starts working:

  • CPC is reduced by 40%
  • As a result, the price of the lead is reduced
  • The company receives more conversion for the same budget.

Our adverts shared the results of their experience of using the feature and reducing the cost of leads by 43.98%.

Benefits of SmartCPC

SmartCPC reduces the cost of ad campaigns. If the click can be bought cheaper, the feature will do this. SmartCPC allows you to:

  1. Turn a negative ROI into a positive.
  2. Increase profits.


SmartCPC will work with all niches: you buy the same amount of traffic for less money, all while not losing conversion.

Earn more by using RichPush push notifications network.


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