Target CPA: Setting Priorities

Serious traffic channels have specialized features, the companies own developments which allow getting conversions at the targeted price. This feature, for example, is offered by Google and Facebook. Now RichPush also has it.

What is the benefit of this feature

Target CPA automatically identifies the sources that convert better and puts them in priority over the sources that convert worse. Therefore, the cost of the conversion goes down, and the company receives more conversions at the targeted price.

How to turn Target CPA on

For the function to be available, pre-configure conversion tracking. Go to settings for the advertisement company. In the CPA Goals line, write the maximum target conversion cost, for example, $2.

As soon as the advertisement campaign receives the first 10 conversions, you will be able to activate the Target CPA function in the settings. To turn it on, put a check mark by Enable which is across from Target CPA.

After activation, the feature will send more leads to the sites, which give a lot of conversions at the set price in the CPA Goals column.

Recommendation for webmaster

For the function to work more effectively, use Target CPA together with SmartCPC.

  • SmartCPC lowers the cost of a click, when possible while maintaining the volume of redeemed traffic
  • Target CPA reduces the cost of conversions so that the campaign gets leads at the targeted price.

Optimize campaigns and get more leads for target price with RichPush.

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