What should I do if I get negative ROI?

Anyone can drain a budget to negative. Even a professional webmaster is not immune to budget loss.

RichPush ad network will tell you what to do in such cases, how to find and fix the problem.

Getting a negative ROI with a new bundle?

If there was a lot of hope on the new bundle, but something went wrong, we advise you not to panic. Carefully analyze all campaign indicators and CPA network statistics.


  • if the clicks from the push reach the tracker;
  • if there’s an error in the URL;
  • which offer traffic goes to.

Pay attention to the tracker, especially the integrated one. Check the internal settings, make sure that the tracker is integrated with the advertising network. After adjusting the tracker, test the bundle again.

If there’s no problem at this stage, let’s move on.

What is CTR?

Analyze the CTR campaign.

If the CTR has a low source, you are buying expensive traffic, which means that it is more difficult to get to the positive side. Redesign with creativity and work on the banner to “catch” the target audience of the offer.

If CTR is high and there are no conversions, then there is enough traffic. But the user does not reach the lead. In this case, analyze the paddings and landings. Check if the link is broken. If there is a discrepancy, you should use your creativity to make it a continuation of the push, so the user gets into the sales funnel.

Getting a negative ROI with a working bundle?

The working bundle gradually loses CTR, as well as the profit from it decreases gradually. Usually, the reasons are:

  • an old-fashioned creative;
  • audience burnout;
  • uninteresting offer for the target audience.

Check the operability of the links: correct links, availability of the target site, domains, and redirects. Update and re-check the links from the paddings and landings. Check the tracker settings, analyze the sources of traffic.

When to write to your account manager?

Whenever you don’t understand, write. Premium support for RichPush answers questions about advertising campaigns, creativity, settings and statistics around the clock.


When you get negative numbers there is one rule: do not give up, but start to analyze statistics, work on optimization and updating of bundles.

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