Why push notifications are so popular: Effectiveness of the new format

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Advertising via push-notifications became quite popular in 2018. Notifications are an advertising format with a high CTR and a wide range of optimization features.

Let’s find out why push-notifications are so popular and what cool advantages they have.

Absolute visibility

Modern users are accustomed to the abundance of advertising on the Internet. They have developed banner blindness: subconsciously, they pay no attention to the ads.

The main advantage of push-notifications is 100% visibility to users. A push-notification pops up on the desktop or mobile screen, so it’s impossible to ignore or overlook it.

Big companies and global brands are gradually phasing out of email marketing in favour of push-notifications.

Unique settings

For those who work with online advertising, targeting features probably won’t be seemed as an out-of-this-world advantage.

But push-notification networks constantly add new features and implement convenient options for quick optimization. Therefore, you can:

  1. clearly identify the target audience;
  2. personalize the mailing list;
  3. reduce the time for optimization.

RichPush ad network has many useful things for webmasters:

  • granular technical targeting;
  • simplified workflow with black/white sheets;
  • rules of the automatic disconnection of ineffective sources;
  • setting up of display limits;
  • macros.

Monetization opportunities

It’s a great advantage for webmasters.

Your own websites make a profit with push notifications, and you don’t need to allocate a special place to get subscriptions on the website. And users don’t get annoyed: a small message pops up on the web page suggesting to subscribe to the notifications. It is a far cry from colourful banners and aggressive teasers, while the pop-up window looks neat and friendly.

Audience loyalty

Users themselves subscribe to the push-notification mailing list, which means they are ready to receive news and offers. Therefore, push-notifications are an advertising format with a high CTR. Users can decide to stop receiving notifications at any time. This freedom of choice increases the loyalty of the audience.


Push-notifications came about relatively recently, and not all advertisers and webmasters felt the beauty of working with this format. One year later, you can make a reasonable conclusion: the format is successfully developing and continues to gain momentum.

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